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We put wellness at the top of developing your music career because YOU matter


With the right industry guidance, focus, attitude, and a whole lot of self-love thrown in there!

No matter what point you are at in your career you will always do better if you take care of the person behind the Artist. The one who has a deep love of music and can't imagine not being in the music business. 

When you do that - 

Your output is higher

You juggle the demands of the business easier

You perform better 

and you can enjoy this crazy ride for a bit longer!



We are place for you to 

✔️Start or continue your music career via our portal of guest masterclasses on branding, an introduction to marketing, publishing, and more

✔️Meet music mentors who can give personalized advice about your career, guide you to make safe business decisions, and give you honest feedback on your music (and maybe even pass it on to a few people!)

✔️Learn much-needed tools that will help you protect your well-being and mental health whilst you are active in the business 

✔️ Help you to stay grounded and connected to who you are at your core (because sometimes the music life can challenge this)

✔️Develop your confidence and esteem if you need a bit of extra support

✔️Meet fellow Artists for support and potential collaboration

Your WELL-BEING is as essential to your success as your CRAFT, MARKETING and BRANDING. If you are not okay, your career is not going to be okay! 

Inside we encourage you to thrive by supporting you as the person behind the Artist whilst at the same time introducing you to music connections, music mentors, and experts of all kinds who can guide you to make safe choices, give you honest feedback on your music and help you care for you.

With this level of support, it is so much easier to move around the music world, build your fan base, surpass your goals and own your career whilst making super authentic personal choices. 




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Meet Established Music Mentors,  Grow Your Confidence In The Music Business, Meet Your Tribe, Support Your Well-being And Develop Your Career!

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Meet Me,  Bernii Mac

Hey there!

Firstly, let me say. I admire you. I find your courage and creativity inspiring. The joy your music can bring to the world is valuable, essential and needed. Without you the world would have NO music? Can you imagine how dull the world would would be awful!

So, who am I?

In my career, I have worked as a professional vocalist and vocal coach. I write my own music, and I have also gone for my own dreams as a musical Artist. I have also worked behind the scenes in various capacities and have had the pleasure of either working with or being in the circles of those directly working with Drake, Queen, Ozzy OsbornePitchshifter, Will and Dani Wilde, James Brown, Olly Murs and others. I have also worked with many independent artists as a co-writer and music mentor including being VP of A&R for Amazing Radio in NYC where I scouted new musical talent. 

Having worked in the music business both as a musical creative myself and off the stage. I have also had my own internal struggles that lead me into some tricky situations in my career and really affected me on a personal level. It has taken a lot of inner work to overcome those challenges and empower myself.

I have had highs and lows in the music business, as most of us do and it is from my own personal experience that I founded Becoming The Artist to help to raise you to meet the realities of your music industry goals both safely and confidently.

To learn more click 'Meet Bernii'







Bernii Mac

Vocal and well-being coach, Music Mentor, and founder of Becoming The Artist

Dave Rajan

Founder of  Got Your Back  music promotions (former head of radio and promotions at Parlophone Records)

Mo Pleasure

Musician/Musical Director, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Bette Midler, Earth, Wind and Fire, Christina Aguilera, songwriter with The Mo Pleasure Band. 

Hattie Murdoch

Professional Songwriter, Producer and Artist Development @ Steelworks Studios with Ivors Award Winner Elliot Kennedy

Matt Johnson

Director, The Pool London booking agency

Effi Summers

Creative Director & Brand Consultant CEO effi summers creative 

Will Sumsuch

Marketing BBE Label/Owner Colour & Pitch label 

Lola Rutherford

Vocalist and Founder of SoulBird Coaching

Katie Thomas

Mental Health Practitioner and songwriter 

Jo Ramrock

Founder Ramrock Records and a force of nature!

Richard Earnshaw

Musician and co-founder iculture brand, Duffnote, One51, Guess Record label and song re-mixer extraordinaire 

Sarah Martinico

Founder SL Marketing based in Florida, U.S.A 

Lorraine Solomans

Founder Success Express Live Promotions based in London, U.K

Jason Rhodes

Mindfulness Expert and published Author based in Worthing, U.K

Wendy - Unity With Grace

Guided meditation and healing if you're down for that kind of stuff!

More mentors are added frequently


Bernii is a gem. Not only is she a beautifully talented vocalist, but also a multi-faceted, industry knowledgable, extremely dedicated, honest, and motor-driven music biz dynamo. She’s a pleasure to know personally and even more of a pleasure to work with.

Aaron A Brooks - Stage and Production Manager for Janelle Monae


Introductory Offer £25/month

Meet Established Music Mentors,  Grow Your Confidence In The Music Business, Meet Your Tribe, Support Your Well-being And Develop Your Career!

Try us out for 14 days for FREE


Here is why you should invest in Becoming The Artist

✨ All artists invest and reinvest in themselves on their journey

✨ Clarity about where you're going and how you can get there that feels good

Being self-reliant and knowing your stuff keeps the ball in YOUR court

✨ Sometimes we just need support. Period. 

 and finally...

I’ve walked a similar path that you’re on and I really care about your journey. Why? Because you're brave enough to go for it and I respect that. There is loads of info out there that we can piece together for free, and we do, but having that consistent support and community around you is powerful.

What's Inside The BTA Membership

Monthly Guest Expert

1 x 60-90-minute Zoom call per month with a guest musical mentor from labels to world-class musicians, professional songwriters, self-care experts, marketing and branding experts and more!

1 Weekly Group Coaching Call with Bernii Mac (plus pop-up calls)

Come and check in with your community Mondays at 7.30 p.m U.K via Zoom. Show up as and when you need guidance, support or a bit of uplifting!

Publishing with Sentric Music Publishing via our referral scheme

Access to ALL Previous Recorded Sessions

Access to our portal full of previously recorded material including mindset, confidence-building techniques, business Q&A and more!

Whatsapp Group

Optional free WhatsApp group to message your community and Bernii Mac

Group Playback Session

Showcase your music to our various mentors and the group! Previous sessions have led to record-label song signings and further introductions within the music business. Playback calls are held on different days of the week and month. You will be emailed when our next session is.

 There is another important reason.

I hold space for YOU in this member's community.

We get to know you because YOU matter and when you have somebody doing that for your career it outright elevates your success!


Introductory Offer £25/month

Meet Established Music Mentors,  Grow Your Confidence In The Music Business, Meet Your Tribe, Support Your Well-being And Develop Your Career!

Try us out for 14 days for FREE


 What's inside BTA...  



Will Sumsuch

- Artist and Label Owner BBE/Colour and Pitch

Bernii is a joy to know - the kind of friend and mentor I'd have loved to have had when I was starting out. She's a prolific songwriter, a wealth of knowledge, ultra-professional and always approachable and encouraging in an industry that's sadly often the opposite.

Jeff Franzel - Pianist & Songwriter

- Over 20 top 10 hits worldwide for over 250 artists 

Bernii is an exceptional vocalist and composer and I have had the honor of working with her this past June. I can relate to her because she has a broad music background in jazz, pop and R&B music. Her father is regarded as one of the the top jazz and classical clarinet players so she grew up with a very diversified musical background. She is a joy to work with and excels in the music business. A true talent that has an original sound..

Paddy Byrne -  Songwriter & Producer

- Paloma Faith, Will Young & Ella Eyre

I've worked with Bernii as a vocalist, songwriter and music manager and in all areas she proves herself to be talented, professional and dynamic. She not only contributes as a wonderful singer and writer but also drives projects to completion. She's a huge asset to any musical project that you might be considering.



Introductory Offer £25/month

Meet Established Music Mentors,  Grow Your Confidence In The Music Business, Meet Your Tribe, Support Your Well-being And Develop Your Career!

Try us out for 14 days for FREE


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