Keep your thoughts in check. The sky is the limit! You never know what is possible with dedication, drive, and the right support system


We are people first, and creatives second. When we nurture and honour our authentic selves we become truly empowered from the inside out which spreads into our careers, and creativity and gives us that all-important longevity 


Stay true to yourself and know that you have something valuable to offer and you are going to win.



So, who am I and why should you join Becoming The Artist?

First of all, I really care about your development. Why? Because I know first-hand what it is like to have that desire, dream, and goal to be a full-time Artist and musician.  Fifteen years ago I held that dream tightly, with dedication and fire in my belly and in the process, I overcame adversity in my own career as an Artist. I have struggled with self-doubt, had my own knockbacks within the music business (as we all do at some point) and I’ve had personal trauma that once kept me from getting on the stage. I don’t tell you that to whine but to shout this next part to anybody willing to listen - I overcame it! I learn't how to take a mindset that allowed me to tackle this head-on and empower myself both as a person and in my career. I now teach all things music, well-being and mindset to my clients and I also connect my clients to some of my friends in the business because I know what it’s like to be looking for answers and a community to support you. Especially n the early stages of your career. The truth is as you work your way up the ladder in this business the pressures don't go they only change and that is one of the reasons that is so vital to have a team around you whom you trust.

Here is a brief overview of my story so that you can get to know me a little better.



I have worked in the music industry for over twenty -five years. I started performing semi-professionally aged fifteen with my dad’s Jazz Trio (both my parents are professional musicians). I then went on to study Musical Theatre and after quickly realising that it wasn’t the right road for me I attended the renowned international music school Brighton Institute of Modern Music in only its second year.

I met some amazing industry mentors that shaped my career. One of whom was the lovely Carleen Anderson of the Brand New Heavies and, to note, also goddaughter to the legendary James Brown who I was fortunate enough to meet whilst we were both performing at an event in London which was a full circle moment.

I started to develop anxiety after an event in my personal life which made me step away from performing live for about eighteen months to begin to heal myself through writing music and finding my true voice again. Something that would repeat itself a decade later after I began socialising around the commercial music business. I found the music business expectations were fierce and although I consider myself to be as fierce as they come this machine was way beyond what I was used to handling. After finding myself conforming to these expectations without even realising it I decided that if I were to be proud of my journey and my life's work I had to re-connect with my authentic voice and USE it. That also meant re-discovering what it was about music brought me joy!

Why is that important? For so many reasons but mainly because this is your life and being authentic and honest to yourself, I believe, can unlock all kinds owell-being superpowers within you that will spread from your music to your everyday life. Feeling like you are on the right path for YOU not what they say is so rewarding. Equally making a decision about which way you want to go is also empowering and if you have that counsel of Mentors, as I did at BIMM, it makes the journey a hell of a lot easier!




Back to my story! Stepping away from the stage I moved to NYC to work as VP of A&R NY representing Amazing Radio whilst they launched in the States. In a nutshell my job was to seek out the best new artists to play on their radio station. A pretty cool job all things considered! Whilst I was there I continued song writing and sang backing vocals for Dj Devaler.

Over the last twenty years I have also worked in live promotions and briefly as a booking agent. I have been vocal coaching, developing and mentoring artists for two years now under the umbrella of Bernii Mac Agency.

My varied but consistent career as an Artist for many years, a songwriter, session vocalist, and person behind the scenes have enabled me to witness first-hand how all the parts of the music industry fit together to give you, the artist, a platform to be heard. It has provided invaluable knowledge and experience which I will pass on to you inside.

And finally…

Everyday life means that sometimes our dreams and desires can fall to the way side if we don’t have somebody to help to keep us on track. This, alongside my passion for empowering artists from the inside out has been the inspiration for ‘Becoming The Artist’ and I hope from the bottom of my heart that it will help you to step into the power that is within you so that you can confidently move forward in whatever way YOU choose.

I believe that anything is possible with dedication, hard work and guidance, nobody can convince me otherwise and I believe that you can make whatever it is you want to make possible in your Artist career.


"Since I have joined BTA I have grown a lot. I love Bernii’s energy and the guidance and direction she gives. The guest she brings in are really big names and they talk to us like they are our friends."

Shucy, Artist

"BTA has helped us shape our brand and it’s so nice to be around talented people with different experiences to give each other tips. We keep each other motivated and inspired!"

Neontown, Band




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