Do you want to grow as a musical Artist?   

We are a music community that puts power into your hands regarding your music career and well-being 

  • We bring you established music mentors 
  • We bring in experts to aid you in your well-being     
  • We are continually building a community of like-minded artists, mentors, and a support system

 Bernii Mac's Becoming 




 We put well-being at the top of developing your music career because YOU matter    


Tips and Techniques to Protect Your Mental Health Whilst Using Social Media As An Artist

In this 90-minute webinar Bernii Mac and Katie Thomas (Mental Health Practitioner) discuss the stresses and pressures of social media for musical artists and practical tips you can implement today to protect your mental health whilst moving your career as an Artist forward.


Build Relationships

From established producers, named collaborators, independent label owners, sync and publishing connections, major label personnel, booking agents, fellow musicians and self-care coaches, we connect you to our network of solid and reliable mentors who can help you to navigate your way through the business on all levels.

Music Playback Sessions

Want to get your music in front of industry professionals such as labels, PR experts, producers, fellow songwriters and musicians for feedback or future collaborations? We offer monthly online playback and Q&A sessions of your music with our founder Bernii Mac and one of our guest mentors.

Self-care, Confidence Building and Direction

YOU the person behind the Artist are the most important person in the business. Without your well-being, you hinder your career and future success. We support you in your confidence, and authenticity and in making healthy organic choices that empower you to forge your own path.

Guest masterclasses from Established Music Mentors,well-being experts, coaches, and more


After over 25 years in the music business, our founder, Bernii Mac, wanted to create a safe and authentic space for both new and established musical Artists who want to:

👌 keep their careers in their own hands and on their terms

👌 connect or re-connect to the kind of Artist they want to be

👌 open up their musical network and elevate their career

Real talk. The music business is, of course, a business! This means that sometimes it can be a tough environment to navigate.  It can leave you feeling like you don't know where to even start when it comes to your music dream or even what the next best step for you is.

I learned that it's important that you have the right guidance, knowledge, and a support network around you, and that you take care of your well-being every step of the way.

By doing that you can bring your authentic vision to life and enjoy the journey a lot more.


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 The music business is built on relationships and we make important introductions.


Our members have had individual song signings, worked with major players in the music business, and more!



This is your musical journey 

We are not here for quick fixes. We are here with you for the long haul as you build a career step by step.

Little consistent steps = BIG results.



For Musical Artists Who Want To Elevate Their Music Career Through Connections, Knowledge and Personal Empowerment

Instantly connect with like-minded individuals and grow your music network.


Monthly Guest Expert

1 x  60-90minutes Zoom call per month with a guest musical mentor from labels to world-class musicians, professional songwriters, self-care experts, marketing and branding experts and more!


1 Weekly Group Coaching Call with Bernii Mac plus pop-up calls throughout the month

Come and check in with your community Mondays at 7.30 p.m U.K via Zoom. Show up as and when you need guidance, support or a bit of uplifting!

Music Publishing

Publishing and sync opportunities with Sentric Music Publishing whom we have established personal relationships with 

Access to ALL Previous Sessions

Access to our portal full of previously recorded material including mindset, confidence-building techniques, business Q&A and more!

Whatsapp Group

Optional free WhatsApp group to message your community and Bernii Mac

Monthly Group Playback Sessions

Showcase your music to our various mentors and the group! Previous sessions have led to record-label song signings and further introductions within the music business. Playback calls are held on different days of the week and month. You will be emailed when our next session is.



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Hey there!

I'm Bernii

I have over twenty-five years of professional experience in the music industry as an Artist, session vocalist, vocal coach, and songwriter and what I learned is that success in music tends to be a team effort. We need people in our corner who can complement our skill set. We also need people who can support us when things get a little tough.

Sometimes as we follow our goals within music we can ask ourselves questions like 'Man, can I do this?!' or ' That person is so much further ahead than me' or 'This isn't moving as quickly as I planned!'.  I am here to tell you that with consistency and persistence, you have a shot at this thing we love called music. 

This is why I founded this community of music mentors who are music industry veterans and well-being experts to not only give you the business insights you need to move your career forward but to help you eliminate some of those inner struggles and give you self-care tools and techniques via our well-being guests masterclasses. 

We are here to be that community of likeminds and experts and if you let us become part of YOUR team. 

Empowering musical Artists like you.


Bernii x



We Aren't Like Everyone Else

There are tons of amazing companies out there that are helping you market your music. Whilst we also have trusted music marketers and branding experts that we bring in as guest experts to support you, we look at the WHOLE picture. Marketing is just one aspect.

Our ethos is that YOU, the person behind the music, matter. 

We are here to help you build a team of trusted people around you to keep the power in YOUR hands.

Your CAREER is important.

Your GOALS are important.

BUT without taking care of YOU, you jeopardise your chances of success. 


With dedication, consistency and action from you, combined with practical advice, techniques and inspiring guests from us...

You can begin carving out an authentic career for yourself that LASTS.




Are You Ready to Step into Your Power?