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Hi, I'm Bernii Mac!

So you found your way to this page and are wondering what the heck Becoming The Artist you want to be is all about and how it serves you.  Well, we are a musical community with a twist!

After twenty-two years in the music business both behind the scenes and on stage I realised that there is a skill-set that nobody is really teaching musical Artists. Yet it is one that is absolutely essential to the longevity and success of your career. Something that many already established Artists have recognised on their musical journey thus far.

It's not always out in the open, it's not always talked about but it's a skill set that is used by so many huge Artists to ensure that they are on their A-game and it's so obvious yet massively ignored. 

How to ensure that YOU are taken care of as a person within an industry that demands so much of you right from the get-go. 

Sounds easy, right? Yet there is an art to this and one that can be learned.

No matter what point you are at in your career it's really important that you are taken care of so that you can be the best at what you do! Like building your fan base, handling yourself in tricky musical situations and smashing it at your live shows!

There are tons of awesome people out there teaching you about building your fan base (which is super important) but here at BTA I have created a safe space for you to develop your confidence and esteem, learn tools that will help you protect your well being and mental health whilst you are actively in the business and guide you to remain authentic in a business. that can challenge who you are on a core level.

Your well being is as essential to your success as your craft, marketing and branding. If you are not okay, your career is not going to be okay!

Inside I encourage you to thrive by supporting you as the person behind the Artist whilst at the same time introducing you to music connections, music mentors and experts. 

Once you have mastered this it is so much easier to move around the music world, build your fan base, surpass your goals and own your career whilst making super authentic personal choices and introducing a whole lot of self-love in the process. 

So, who am I?

In my career, I have worked as a professional vocalist, songwriter and also behind the scenes in various capacities and have had the pleasure of either working directly with or alongside those working directly with Drake, Queen, Ozzy OsbornePitchshifter, Will and Dani Wilde, James Brown, Olly Murs and others. I have also worked with many independent artists as a vocal coach and music mentor including being VP of A&R for Amazing Radio in NYC. 



Becoming The Artist is a movement for self care and Artist empowerment within the music business.

Becoming The Artist

You are powerful.





Bernii Mac

Vocal and Empowerment coach, Music Mentor and founder of Becoming The Artist

Dave Rajan

Head of Radio & Promotions @ Parlophone Records and ambassador of Becoming The Artist

Mo Pleasure

Musician/Musical Director, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Bette Midler

Hattie Murdoch

Professional Songwriter, Producer and Artist Development @ Steelworks Studios

Matt Johnson

Director, The Pool London booking agency

Effi Summers

Creative Director & Brand Consultant CEO effi summers creative 

Will Sumsuch

Marketing BBE Label/Owner Colour & Pitch label 

Lola Rutherford

Artist and Founder of SoulBird Coaching

Katie Thomas

Mental Health Practionner

More mentors are added frequently


Bernii is a gem. Not only is she a beautifully talented vocalist, but also a multi-faceted, industry knowledgable, extremely dedicated, honest, and motor-driven music biz dynamo. She’s a pleasure to know personally and even more of a pleasure to work with.

Aaron A Brooks - Stage and Production Manager for Janelle Monae

How it works

Join our weekly live members call every Monday from 7-9 pm GMT as and when you need.

Can't commit to every Monday? Don't worry! Calls are recorded and stored in our members portal for those who cannot make them live! We also have a whatsapp group where you can catch up on anything you missed and stay connected to your community!


  • Be supported in and ultimately transform  your confidence, well being, personal empowerment and performance
  • Ask your music business queries questions 
  • Share what is happening for you musically
  • Get feedback on your music via our monthly playback sessions 
  • Be supported in your  mindset
  • Talk to your community and ask advice directly to Bernii




Meet Bernii

Don’t let the baby face fool you, I have twenty-two years of professional experience in the music industry both as an Artist, session vocalist and vocal coach but also behind the scenes in radio, music promotions and press.

I worked in both the U.K and America. I have performed and worked on the independent and commercial music scenes.

I am the founder of Bernii Mac Artist Development Agency and I am here to mentor you.

I have also had my own internal struggles with confidence and fear which really affected my career, I had highs and lows in the music industry and it is from my own personal experience that I founded Becoming The Artist to help to raise you to meet the realities of your music industry goals both safely and confidently.

To learn more click 'Meet Bernii'



You're a good fit for Becoming The Artist if:

➡️You want direct access to music experts 

➡️You are in the developing or establishing yourself phase of your career 

➡️You understand the value of a mentor

➡️You want a resource where you can learn about different areas of the music industry 

➡️You want to take control of your own mind to elevate your success

➡️You lack confidence or suffer from excessive self-doubt

➡️You want a community of like-minded people around you

➡️You want a supportive and fun space to test out your new music in front of a live group

➡️You're looking for a community to share your journey with!

Membership Options





Mastering Your Mindset and Growing Your Confidence.

  • Live group coaching call first Monday of every month 7-9 PM GMT on confidence and mindset
  • All calls are recorded
  • Access to all previous calls and trainings
  • PLUS inspiring interviews with professionals from the entertainment industry on everything from lifestyle to self-belief and body confidence





(includes everything in Bronze)

  Let's be human!

  • Access to our weekly online group music mentoring call every Monday 7-9 PM GMT. Calls are recorded. 
  • Monthly 'playback' session of your music to mentors
  • Access to the video portal holding previous training videos and prior mentoring calls.
  • A like-minded community to share your journey with!
  • Opportunity to actively shape the direction of Becoming The Artist as it grows!



Being The Artist

Are you already in the music business and struggling with direction, feeling lost, feeling disconnected from your authentic self? Have you been swept up in this crazy world we call music and need some extra support to re-connect to you? 

Be supported and guided out of the haze by somebody who has been in the same position and made it out the other side.



✨ Live Music industry connections 

✨ Discount ticket prices on our live events  

✨ Supportive environment, new friends, lots of laughing, and more!


Here is why you should invest in Becoming The Artist

✨ All artists invest and reinvest in themselves on their journey

✨ Clarity about where you're going and how you can get there that feels good

Being self-reliant and knowing your stuff keeps the ball in YOUR court

✨ Sometimes we just need support. Period. 

 and finally...

I’ve walked a similar path that you’re on and I really care about your journey. Why? Because you're brave enough to go for it and I respect that. There is loads of info out there that we can piece together for free, and we do, but having that consistent support and community around you is powerful.

 There is another important reason.

I hold space for YOU in this member's community.

We get to know you because YOU matter and when you have somebody doing that for your career it outright elevates your success!

A Little Bit of Client Love from some of my one-to-one mentoring and vocal students...



Are You Ready?

Don’t stop believing in yourself! Your voice matters and you CAN do this!



Will Sumsuch

- Artist and Label Owner BBE/Colour and Pitch

Bernii is a joy to know - the kind of friend and mentor I'd have loved to have had when I was starting out. She's a prolific songwriter, a wealth of knowledge, ultra-professional and always approachable and encouraging in an industry that's sadly often the opposite.

Jeff Franzel - Pianist & Songwriter

- Over 20 top 10 hits worldwide for over 250 artists 

Bernii is an exceptional vocalist and composer and I have had the honor of working with her this past June. I can relate to her because she has a broad music background in jazz, pop and R&B music. Her father is regarded as one of the the top jazz and classical clarinet players so she grew up with a very diversified musical background. She is a joy to work with and excels in the music business. A true talent that has an original sound..

Paddy Byrne -  Songwriter & Producer

- Paloma Faith, Will Young & Ella Eyre

I've worked with Bernii as a vocalist, songwriter and music manager and in all areas she proves herself to be talented, professional and dynamic. She not only contributes as a wonderful singer and writer but also drives projects to completion. She's a huge asset to any musical project that you might be considering.